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Thursday, July 16, 2009

In the beginning...

...were a few words:

Our country went totally nuts.
Masses picked one electable putz,
whose election was bought
with the money he brought
from abroad, where they hate our guts...

These words were spoken at the end of the most disappointing Election night ever, as we were howling...

Without much delay, the rest of the night was spent in thinking up a way to get rid of the  CHANGE , and ideas ranged from inventing a Time Machine "on the double" to starting a new revolution "right this minute".

The revolution idea seemed more feasible, and we — me and a few other watchdogs I know — immediately started collecting ideas and sketches for the poor man's virtual cannon: our future Web site.

When we got enough to start with, the site was launched on April 14, 2009 — the day before the first Tea Party rumbled across the country. Incidentally, on the same day in history, RMS Titanic went down... And we thought about it, and dreamed about being the part of the tip of the iceberg which will sink both  BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA  and the unwelcome change he brought into our lives.

We are still at it, updating the site with new limericks, cartoons, videos and other content daily.

As our site continues to grow, trying to catch up with the fast growing frustrations of all Americans, our visitors need a place where we all could talk. This is why we started this blog.

All your comments are welcome here. We do moderate the discussion — but we do not censor anyone. The good ones, the bad ones and even the ugly ones all have their place here. Registration is not required, but good manners are.

I am Dude.

God Bless America.


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