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Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to live without thinking about Barack Hussein Obama

 OBAMA ...  OBAMA ...  OBAMA ...

Everyone around here has some trouble getting  BAMSTER  out of their mind.
An old trick: bet someone that they cannot spend the following five minutes without thinking about "the pink crocodile" (choose an honest person — you will, after all, have to rely on them telling you whether they did or didn't).

They will lose the bet (yes, this is how advertising works)...

But if someone offers the same bet to you, there is ONE way to win it. All you have to do is think about... let's say "the yellow rhinoceros" (you get the idea).

Now... After all these limericks, we need a break. Can you suggest to us words that would do? (Hint: we tried "Bill Clinton" and did not get anywhere...)

Overheard (oh, so many times... on the street, on the Net):

"Why  OBAMA  <whatever>?"
"Yeah, this sucks... But this is still better than Bush!"


Finally, USA Today confirmed that by now, more American people think  BAMSTER  is worse than Bush (not the other way around). And you thought you'd never hear this, didn't you?

We are not analyzing the score
or the people we hate (or adore).
Our country is stuck,
thanks to stupid Barack...
"Better than" doesn't cut it no more.


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